Full Day Conference
Package 4 $34/pp (min 40)


Full Day Conference Catering Pack 4 $34pp – Hot

Minimum 40 ppl

Morning Tea
Selection of fresh fruit, savoury and sweet items

Cold items: Mixture of Baguettes, Sandwiches, Wraps, Nori Rolls and Fresh fruit.
Hot items: Roasted vegetable, roma tomato and ricotta tartlets, Thai fish cakes with sweet chilli, Spiced potato and pea samosa, Singapore style spring roll, Sausage rolls with tomato sauce, Petite beef steak pies and Ham and brie quiche.

Afternoon Tea
Savoury and sweet items with fruit and cheese

For more than 1 day, menu’s will be interchanged daily for variety.

All Day Beverages Herbal Tea, Percolated Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Orange Juice, Mineral Water – for the duration of your morning, afternoon tea and lunch service only.
If Tea and coffee is required earlier than morning tea such as for registration then there will be an additional $3.50pp charge 

Includes all equipment such as glassware, crockery, cutlery, napkins, food tables, table cloths, beverage tables and cloths, urns and tea and coffee setup. This will also include a staff coming in at intervals throughout the day to top up urns and clean up after each service.

If you require a staff to stay present throughout the duration of the whole day then there will be an additional charge.
Saturday and Sunday conferences will incur a surcharge
In special instructions on checkout please include Date, timings and location – Package availability will be confirmed ASAP